Give your guests a gift they will never forget. Your very own wine or craft beer tour is the best way to spend time together and offer your guests a downtime activity.  

  • Wow your guests with this super fun activity.
  • Great way for guests to experience the local scene.
  • Forget trying to make complicated plans yourself, we do the work!

  • Guests see you in the app. Branded with your names and wedding info.  

  • Go with the group, let them go in downtime, or both.

  • No need to pay at each winery or brewery, it's all prepaid. Just redeem items from your phone.

  • The app includes maps, info, and wine or craft beer at each stop.  

You have so much to think about, but you still want a fun activity to do with your guests and something for their downtime. You've found just that! Our app-based tours provide the perfect setting for quality time over a few drinks. Instead of worrying about where to go, whether they'll accept your group size, how to pay, etc., leave it to us.  You can brand one of our already-established wine & beer tours with your wedding info, or create one from scratch and we'll do the work. It also serves as an amazing gift for guests because they can use the rest of the items whenever they have time.

Here's how we work together to setup the tour:

  1. Contact us! 
  2. Decide if you want to brand one of our existing tours with your names and photos (the easiest way) or choose a custom configuration. If you love certain wineries or breweries there's a good chance we work with them already.  If not, we do the legwork.
  3. We create the tour and send you a code to try in the app. If you ordered printed cards, a design proof is sent as well.
  4. Everything is sent to you and you're ready to give to your guests. 

How guests experience the tour:

  1. Guests will download our iPhone app or enter our webapp if they have Android. The app is called, "Seeker Tours."
  2. Once they've created an account, they can enter a special code. These codes are generated unique for you, and they will activate your tour in the guest's phone.
  3. You can provide the codes to guests yourself or we can provide cards with your photos and and tour info. (separate charge).
  4. Once the tour is activated in the guest's device they will see your photos and info, as well as each tour stop. At each stop they will see what you've included for them, such as tasting flights, glasses of wine, or a bottle to take home. This is the wow factor!
  5. Choose if you'd like to do the entire tour with guests, part of it, or give it to them as a plan for downtime. It keeps everyone together and makes a great way for people to meet each other. Everyone has an entire week to use all of the items in the package.  
  6. Just show your phone to staff at each stop. They will push a redeem button and provide you with the included items. Additional discounts will exist for anyone who loves the wine/craft beer and wants to buy more (one of the big benefits we offer). 

Common Questions

What if guests don't have smartphones, or aren't tech-savvy?
One person can apply multiple tours to their device, they just enter more codes. This means one person can be the "admin" for a group. The app allows for redeeming multiple items at one time.  

Do we need transportation?
Our tours are all located in small walkable neighborhoods. You won't need transportation during the tour. You can check where our tours are located and see if you will need transportation to and from. We can refer you to operators we work with, or handle it for you.

One of our main benefits is flexibility, resulting in lower cost. As long as you purchase the minimum number of tours ahead of time, you won't need to account for all of your guests who might be interested in going on the tour. You can purchase additional tours up to the last minute, even at the tour spots from a mobile device.  This allows the planner to forget worrying about numbers and logistics. 

Pricing is as follows:

​​Tour Creation:

  • Add your photos and story to a configuration we already have (see our tours): $99 setup fee + 10 guest minimum.
  • Create a custom tour with locations already included in our other tours: $299 + 10 guest minimum.  
  • Create a custom tour with new locations not listed in our other tours: $499 + 15 guest minimum.  

Additional Add-ons:

  • Printed card with your photos and tour info. This is the card that guests will receive with their access codes. $99 for our standard template or $299 for a custom card.  
  • Expert wine or craft beer guide. Some groups ask for guides: This is quoted separately.  
  • Transportation: Quoted separately (our tours are located in small walkable areas, you will only need transportation to and from your hotel or event location).  

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Please contact us at with any questions, or feel free to call us at 805-202-5515. If you are a wedding or corporate event planner we'd love to work with you to bring your client's events to life. All images and text copyright Seeker 2016.