How do I purchase a tour package?

Add a package to your cart and checkout. You can use a variety of payment methods, including even your Amazon account. You will be able to immediately use the package on your mobile device after purchasing and logging into the app.  

What happens after I purchase?
After purchasing you'll see a button on the final order checkout page. Click this button to finish setting up your account. You'll also receive an email with the same button. When prompted, select "Use this Myself" for your tour to unlock your tour and included items.

How do I use the app?
Log in to the Seeker Tours iPhone app or use the webapp app.seeker.co to view maps, winery/brewery information, and to see your included items. Each partner location, AKA tour stop, has a page in the app with their specific details (hours, address, tasting notes, included items, special offers). At each location, staff will push the "Redeem" button for each item you want to redeem. 

Can I redeem the included items with a printout or voucher?  
No, you must redeem the items digitally by using the app/webapp on a mobile device.  

How do I redeem my featured items?
Show staff at each winery/brewery what particular item you want to redeem. They must tap the “Redeem” button on your mobile device to complete the transaction, then they will offer you the featured item.

I'm touring with a group. Do we need to make reservations at each stop?
Notify Seeker about your group! We will inform the participant wineries or breweries of your group details so they can prepare necessary staff and seating. 

What do I do if the winery or brewery does not have the specific item listed anymore?
Substitutions can happen and should be expected. Wine and beer are constantly changing products, therefore the exact item listed in the package may not be exactly what is offered at the time of redemption. If the product is out of stock, the location will offer an item that is of equal or greater value.

How do I view my included items?
Log in to your account in the app or webapp and select "My Account."  Your remaining items will be shown. If you have already redeemed an item, it will no longer be available to you.

What if I accidentally press the redeem button?
That item will no longer be available to you.

When do my items expire?
One year from time of purchase.  

Can I buy multiple tour packages at one time?
Yes, you can buy multiple packages at one time. You can manage whether you "gift" the package to another person or use it yourself in "My Account." It is easiest to manage the tour for a whole group from one account, that way you can redeem multiple included items in seconds opposed to everyone having to log in and show their phone at each stop.

Can two people share?

The items included are designed for one person. However, if you would like to purchase the package for two people to share, that's fine. Please do not ask the wineries or breweries to SPLIT your glass or to give you two types to taste.

What if I do not redeem all of my items before they expire?
This is a limited time offer, but we do give you a year from time of purchase to visit all of the locations.

Do I need to tip my servers?
It is recommended that you tip your servers in a similar manner that you would normally for that particular service. GRATUITY IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE.

Can I refund the tour package?
If you have not redeemed any items in your package(s) you can receive a refund within 15 days of purchase.  

I'm traveling international and don't have cell data, do all locations have WiFi?
Unfortunately you will need a device with internet connection for your tour. Most spots have WiFi but some do not, so we do not recommend relying on WiFi for your tour. 

Question still not answered?
Feel free to message us using the chat feature on the website or send your inquiry to info@seeker.co.