A New Spin on Corporate Outings

作者Amanda Lyon April 20, 2016

A New Spin on Corporate Outings

Wine tasting instead of work?  Yes please!

Tuesday afternoons in the office can be dull.  That’s why we were happy to see 20+ people from Commission Junction & Conversant Media treating themselves to Seeker’s Anacapa Wine Walk for a lovely Tuesday afternoon of wine tasting in the Funk Zone.


Why did they get to do this?

Because they work for an awesome company… and they deserve a kickback every now and then for their hard work.  Not only did they get to enjoy great wines and a fun atmosphere, most importantly they got to develop their relationships and bond with each other in a social setting.  Many of these folks work in different departments, and rarely get the chance to connect with each other.

It’s proven: good relationships among coworkers = better engagement and workplace satisfaction.


What the afternoon entailed:

The HR rep purchased Anacapa Wine Walk tour packages for the entire group, and handed out code cards to each person attending (Click here to see what we mean).  Everyone met at the first stop and showed their phones to redeem their first glass of wine.  Piece of cake.  The casual afternoon of sipping and socializing continued on, and the group thoroughly enjoyed hopping from one tasting room to the next to get a varied taste of the Funk Zone.  No one needed to worry about payment, plans, or reservations.  Seeker notified the tasting rooms of the larger than usual group size and they were prepared to offer their optimal service.  


Food to fuel more wine tasting

The group decided to chow down at Area 5.1 Winery because of the large table space.  The neighboring restaurant Lucky Penny kindly delivered food for the entire group, so they could enjoy their wine flight with the meal.  During this tasting, they got to compete against each other in a trivia competition comprised of work, wine, and Santa Barbara facts.  The TV projected the questions, and players simply used their phones to try and answer as quickly as possible.  The winner received a bottle of wine and bragging rights of course.

As the hours rolled by, colleagues bid adieu to each other, and made plans to redeem the remaining items in their Seeker accounts together.  Although most made it to 4 stops on the tour, the group was happy to know the wine experience wasn’t over; just paused.  At the end of the day, the feedback was that it was a really fun outing and a phenomenal price.  We were glad to hear that many suggested doing another Seeker tour for their next company outing.   

How did Seeker help make this outing unique?

Well, to be honest we didn’t have to do much.  The tour is sure to provide a special experience on its own - we created it to do so.  

  • What we did do was drop off Lucky Penny menus at Commission Junction/Conversant Media when we delivered the code cards, and everyone just had to circle what item they wanted.  Then we got that info to the restaurant and let them know what time to expect the delivery.  
  • The next item was creating the trivia game.  We asked the HR rep to email us some company questions, mixed in our own, and loaded the game at Area 5.1.  
  • Lastly, we took photos of the group enjoying their tour and shared the files with them.  

These are simple things any group can administer themselves, if they have the time, but we are happy to add in fun things like this for your group too.  We’re only a call or email away if you want help making your next outing stand out!


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Amanda Lyon
Amanda Lyon